Pipeline Equipment, Inc fabricates liquid and gas measurement equipment to customer specifications and to all applicable codes.  PEI will fabricate using single or dual chamber orifice fittings, ultrasonic meters, turbine meters, positive displacement meters, coriolis meters, or any equipment required to assure the precise measurement of your product.  From single meter tubes to complete, skid-mounted systems with buildings and all necessary instrumentation, PEI will provide quality equipment that meets your requirements.


Launchers and Receivers

Launchers and Receivers are required on most pipelines.  The pipelines must be capable of being pigged.  There are many reasons to pig a pipeline.  Cleaning improves flow and reduces corrosion by removing build-up of contaminants inside the pipe.   Product batching, dewatering, gauging, and new construction hydrostatic testing are other reasons to pig a pipeline. 

Pipeline Equipment, Inc.  (PEI) brings years of design and fabrication experience to our customers. Your design or ours, we can provide quality equipment for your pigging needs.



Launcher and receiver barrels are available in horizontal, vertical, and sloped configurations.  PEI provides launcher and receiver barrels in any size, with any design code or material.  Standard designs are available or we can design custom launcher and receiver barrels to customer specifications.






Ease of shipping, handling, and installation are important.  PEI can design, fabricate, and package complete, skid-mounted launcher and receiver systems that will minimize field installation labor and expense.  Complete systems include launcher or receiver barrel, mainline and bypass piping, valves, gauges, skid, and handling equipment as required.

PEI’s experienced staff can design custom systems for your specific application.  Standards designs are available.  Systems can be designed for standard pigs and spheres or inspection pigs.  Materials, design codes, welding codes, inspection, and coatings are available to meet your specifications, requirements, and standard practices.  Packaged systems are fabricated, assembled, tested, painted, and ready for easy installation at the job site.


Sphere and Pig launchers and receivers may be automated for a variety of reasons, including multiple sphere or pig launching or receiving, product batching, and dewatering.  They are designed to meet your specific applications.  Automated systems may be powered by electrical, pneumatic, or hydraulic sources.  Launch pins, launch valves, pig passage indicators, and valves may all be automated using programmable control panels.  Automated systems make operation easier and reduce field labor expenses.  Let PEI design a system to meet your requirements.

Valve Settings

Prefabricated valve settings reduce field installation time.  PEI provides complete valve settings fabricated to your specifications and dimensions, coated and ready to install. 





Skid Mounted Equipment

As a leader in the industry, Pipeline Equipment will fabricate skid-mounted equipment that makes shipping and field installation easy.  Launchers and receivers, liquid and gas measurement, regulator, fuel gas, compressor control valves, headers, pressure vessels, and an endless list of related equipment may all be skid-mounted and shipped to your most remote or congested location.  Offshore platforms or refineries may require special consideration to fit equipment into limited space.  Let PEI assist you.



ASME Pressure Vessels

Pipeline Equipment, Inc. is an ASME certified fabrication shop and currently holds “U”, “R”, and “NB” stamps.  PEI provides custom pressure vessels and equipment, including launchers and receivers, fabricated to customer’s specifications.


A meter prover is used to calibrate liquid flow meters.  The liquid is measured by detector switches in a specified length of pipe.  The volume measured between the detector switches is compared to the volume measured by the meter.  This determines the meter calibration factor.  A simple concept that requires expertise, accuracy, and quality.

PEI provides unidirectional, bidirectional, sphere type and piston type meter provers.  Stationary provers may be field or skid mounted.  Mobile provers may be mounted on a truck or trailer.


PEI provides standard and custom designed, fabricated strainers. ASME code stamped or non-code strainers are available in all materials and sizes, and may be fabricated to your specifications.


Fabricated machines and extruded products are available in stainless and other alloy steels.









PEI provides a variety of related products to meet your needs, including:

  • Valves, Valve Modification, Actuators & Instrumentation
  • Closures (Threaded, clamp-type, horizontal, vertical)
  • Pipe Flanges & Fittings
  • Pigs
  • Spheres
  • Pig Passage Indicators
  • Handling Equipment



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